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Why read this?

Why read this?  I wrote this for all you folks who might wonder how it is that I have posted what may appear to be like the image your eyes recorded.  I hope this will be truly useful.  Before you leave, please read the Endnotes.

When someone suggested I would like a link (, I visited it.  I was intrigued by my own experience and later with others' comments.   I decided to explore one of the theories suggested for the experience.

I don't mean to put down anyone else's experience, but I have basically come to the sincere and definite conclusion that an image most people say they saw is the result of a physical phenomenon.  That most people say they saw the image of "Jesus" is another phenomenon entirely. *1*

If someone who has never heard of "Jesus" sees this image, they would likely be reminded of someone about whom they have heard.

Next:  If you DO NOT want to know the technical details of how I posted the image, please skip down to the Endnotes at the bottom.  HalleluYah!  Praise Yah!


Technical stuff - The process

The following was done on a Windows 95 machine, using Internet Explorer 4.0 as the Web browser.


I right-clicked on the online image, selecting Save Picture As, and chose Bitmap (.bmp).


  1. I double-clicked that .BMP file, and Windows 95 Paint opened.  I just simply inverted the image (Edit, Select All.  Image, Invert Colors), and saved it as a Monochrome bitmap.  (For you photo editors who might complain about this.**)
  2. I saved it with the name INVERTED.BMP.
  3. I closed INVERTED.BMP.
  4. I then converted this file to other formats in Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 (because Paint appears to save only as .BMP).

The following conversions were done using Microsoft Image Composer 1.5:



Note that when Image Composer saved into these other formats it automatically changed the "color format" of the image.  I did not attempt to override this.   (If you do File, Save As, Save as type, whichever type of file you choose, it automatically changes what displays in the "Color format" field of the Save As dialog box.)

**For you photo editors

The rest may skip to the Endnotes; this here is really for photo editors only.

Since I thought that some of you photo editors might complain, I used the 24 bit inverted BMP, using it to convert into the other formats listed below.

The Monochrome inverted image mentioned above had "harder" edges than the original, since picking Monochrome - basically black and white - ended up losing some of the grayish-black edges of the original.  I saved it as Monochrome for most folks with modem connections because this made the file size far fewer bytes, 22KB.   Saving it in Paint as a 24 bit file (the default) the file was 486KB!  (That would take a while to download for most people!)

Other formats of this image
To the untrained eye, most of these look pretty much the same--at least I thought they did.  I just viewed these in Netscape Communicator 4.5 on an Apple flat panel monitor.  And I was astonished at how different some of these looked!   Particularly the area just around the image, outside the white circle.  On my 17" Dell CRT monitor they looked all pretty much the same, including that area.   Now I believe them when they say to view your Web site in different browsers.   I'm wondering whether the flat panel monitor made a big difference or if it was the browser.  (And the hit counter at bottom did not appear either.  Stupid computers.)

Links removed 4/2/1999:  The following .BMP files took too much space, too long to download, had problems uploading a second time, and were not really that different visually anyway inverted24bit.bmp, MS Paint's default (486KB!!), inverted256color.bmp, MS Paint's second highest quality choice (164KB), inverted16color.bmp, MS Paint's third highest quality choice (82KB).  (These were originally posted around 2/9/1999.  The file inverted.gif--the image in AnotherView.html, the page that referred you to this page--was posted on 1/26/1999.)   Continue to Endnotes.




Read me!



For those of you who want to "do all things in the Name of Jesus," I have written the following.

The Name of "Jesus"
The Greek for the Name of "Jesus" is not Jesus (GEE-zus), but closer to Iesus or Yesus.  Since He Himself was born a "Jew" (a Yahdai), and since in His day in (Y)Israyl they spoke primarily Aramaic or Hebrew, His given Name is closer to Yahshua (or Yahshu, Yahsha, Yahashua, etc.).  This Name means something, as many names during that period did, as the Scriptures say, "You should call His Name 'Yahshua' (Yah saves), for He will save His People from their sins." (Matt1:21)

At His Resurrection, the Scriptures say that the Father spoke to Him and said, "This day I have begotten You." (Acts13:33)  This is quoting a prophecy in Psalm 2.   In another place it says that after His Resurrection He was given "a Name Which is above every name." (Philippians2:9)  Since He was begotten from the dead on that day, He was now the Son in a special sense.  His faithful Life proved that He now was worthy of the Title "Son of YHWH."  Before His resurrection He was also called the "Son of God" (John1:49), and being born from His mother's womb He was "Savior, Christ, Lord." (Lk2:10-11)  Being born a Savior, as such He was given an appropriate Name -- Yah saves -- "for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." (Acts4:12)  By raising Him from the dead, the Father proved that He is The Messiah, and proved that He is worthy to be called "Son."  The Father therefore gave Him the Name Which is "above every name":  by calling Him Son, the Father Himself was showing that Messiah indeed has the family Name of the Father.

"Hallowed be Thy Name"
"Yah" comes from the Name of the Creator.  We are most familiar with Hallelujah or Hallelu-Yah.  Some suggest that "Yah" is an abbreviation for the complete "Proper" Name of the Creator.  That Proper Name is written using four Hebrew letters.  (Ancient Hebrew typically had no vowels written between letters.)  I'm not positive of how to put these letters, known as the Tetragrammaton, into the English alphabet, but Y-H-W-H is often how they are rendered/transliterated.

I'm personally curious whether YHWH intended the pronunciation to be close to Abba -- Which means Daddy or Father in Hebrew/Aramaic -- and whether there is some written form of the Name transliterated or rendered Y-H-B-H, said Yah-bah.  (I've seen a Greek form referred to that was close to this in a Jewish Encyclopedia.)

The next part, "shua," "ashua" (okay, quit laughing), or "oshua" (or however the correct way to write it goes) apparently comes from another word.   I've read various suggestions for that other word:  Hosea or Oshea being prominent.  That part of the His Name apparently means something related to saving.  "For He will save His People from their sins."  (Matt1:21)

Why do I think the vowel in "Yahshua" is "a" and not "e" (since it is not alpha, a, in Greek)?  The reason I suggest that it may be an "a" and not an "e" in "Yahshua" is that some scholars have written that there was some sort of vowel change around the time He was born.  They have called this a "vowel dissimulation."  I'm thinking that there may have been many ways to say the vowels.  This is true even today in various languages, even English.  Both "a" and "e" may have been close to each other in pronunciation in some words.  What DID they do about the schwa sound?

"Your will be done" - His will rather than following after the "traditions of men"
When He came He taught us to pray "Your Will be done."  He even spoke to the Father, "Not my will, but Your Will be done."  While here, one of the matters He dealt with was correcting traditions that went against the Scriptures.   "You have heard it said," He would introduce a subject, and then counter with "But I say," and give a correction.  And He wanted people to stop teaching traditions of men as though they were commandments from the Creator. (Matt15:9; Mk7:7; Tit1:14Will we stop doing this?

A worthy purpose - to please Him
One of my purposes in writing this explanation about the Names is to get all believers to call out to The Most High for the pronunciations of The Names that He prefers, without unnecessarily dividing believers on the issue.  I want to see His Name, One Name, be proclaimed and glorified everywhere in the world.  Let's do that.  Agreed?  Amen?!

The Name of "Jesus"
We have ended up almost globally saying "Jesus," which is not anywhere close to how He was called by His parents and by the first followers.  But now that knowledge is increasing in the Earth, it may be high time to correct this erroneous change.   Direct revelation from Him to faithful people, along with definite scholarship on the matter, could help all of us proclaim His Name as accurately as the first followers.

The Name of the Creator
Let's pray that the various pronunciations of The Name of the Creator -- The Name "of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit", into Which all believers in the Messiah should be baptized -- also be corrected within our traditions.   Let us agree, so that we may be of one mind in such matters.  Let's agree, that with one voice we may praise His Name, that all the world may know that He is YHWH.


For as the Scripture says,

"From the rising of the sun till the time that it goes down,
the Name of YHWH should be praised!"
Psalm 113:3


Proclaim the Name!


"Whoever will call with the Name of YHWH
will be saved/delivered."

"Joel" 2:32 in most bibles,
3:5 in the Tanakh (a "Jewish" translation).
This is quoted in the "New Testament" in various places.

Romans 10:12-17
Yahyl 3:5 in Tanach


HalleluYah!  Praise Yah!
Psalm34:1 and Hebrews13:15

If you have Wisdom from above and solid scholarship regarding these matters,
please contact me through one of the Web sites listed below.
Thank you very much.

Copyright 2001, 1999 by s.a.d.
All rights reserved.

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