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About me

As Principal of Access Audio, I compose music, and record using Pro Tools.

I have been recording since the early 1980s, and enjoy recording my own compositions.


  • Access Audio TM owner since 1998. Owner of other since before that.
  • This Web site's Designer.
  • Basic Web-site designer and maker since 1997.*
  • Owner of "Access (Yes!)" starting in the early 1980s (don't recall exact year).
  • Singer/Songwriter since before I was a teen.
  • Previous testimony.

* Webster, Webmaster, designer, editor, producer.  What title does one choose to use?  Another site design example.

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Studio News:
Still no location found.

We're hoping to find a good location to set up a studio. If you know of any, let me know! Thanks!

"There is safety in many counselors."

"Without a vision the people perish."

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